As we’re a company owned by a team of well experienced business personnel, we also provide consulting service for business owners who are thinking of expanding their business out to Japan.

Overseas Business

We’ve been helping out many Japanese businesses to reach out to overseas market.
At the same time, we’ve supported overseas business owners who already had a business going in Japan or wanted to start it up.
For us based in Japan, we can be more handy for foreign business owners who would like to further enhance, or to reach out and start up, their businesses in Japan.
We professionally interpret fundamental business structures, such as legal matters, etc, all the way to business trends in order to optimize the business performance of our clients.

Website Marketing

For fashion and beauty related companies who are running their own websites, we often receive inquiries such as:

“We have a website now but our sales are not flying at all”
“Ad-agencies are running our online ads but we don’t know how it’s working at all”
“Can’t handle payment options as we have too many”
“Don’t have enough resources to update our website’s merchandise lineup”
“Our product image on our website is just not attractive enough”

We’ve been solving such “market-sensitive” problems throughout our online businesses both in English and in Japanese for each market.