Website Consulting

Website Consulting

Influencer Marketing

There are many ways to promote your business online.
Since we’ve been working very closely with fashion and beauty industry, we became specialized in influencer marketing.
Our works with influencers developed not only the promotion of the brand’s official SNS account and the website, but also the discussions and comments of the merchandises which lead to improvement of such merchandises.
We’ll arrange popular and appropriate influencers and provide marketing services that are effective in English speaking market and Japanese market.

Analysis of Ads Effectiveness

Other online promotion tools include major online ads such as Google, Facebook, Bing, etc, Ads.
However, even if it can target overseas directly from your PC, the measure of effectiveness will be different in each market.
Our job with these online ads has been to make sure the ad contents are right both in English and Japanese, and measure the effect separately for both markets in order to optimize the use of such ads for our client’s businesses.

Creative Works

Photoshoots (and videoshoots) are something that require you to work with a team of creators.
The essential images for your business can be acquired by using your own camera or even a smartphone nowadays; however, if the images look too casual and do not express the quality of your products effectively, it can lead to a negative impression of your business.
We have our own team of creators who have been taking care of that aspect of our fashion and beauty businesses, and provide the images according to the essence of your business.