Tokyo Business Partners

Small or venture business owners need a different approach in order to penetrate into overseas market.
We provide specific strategy and implementation specialized for such business scale

Experienced and Specialized in Overseas Marketing

Experienced Personnel in Local Marketing Along with Local Network

Global Website Creation and Operation

Precise and Accurate Interpretation of Businesses

Our Services

Global MarketingWe provide branding and marketing of businesses that target Japanese market and English speaking markets.
Our marketing strategy focuses on local effectiveness and we also implement all the essential processes needed.
Official WebsiteWe create world-standard websites for businesses that targets Japanese market and English speaking markets.
Websites we create can include e-commerce function and we provide fulfillment of all the necessary operational procedures.
ConsultingWe provide strategic consultation for business owners who would like to further enhance, or to reach out and start up, their businesses in Japan.
We will optimize the business performance of our clients by interpreting the business professionally and by making it effective locally.


Marketing - (90%)
E-commerce operation - (95%)
E-commerce site creaton - (95%)
Global E-commerce operation - (90%)
Home page creation - (70%)


We provide overseas marketing of businesses that targets Japan and English speaking markets.

Website for overseas, which we call it “Global Website”, requires different aspects from that for domestic use.

We’ve been creating global website that’ll suit well for English speaking market and obviously for Japanese market.

Businesses need to express the purposes that can be interpreted by the overseas audience, including the targeted prospective customers.
If it contains wrong expressions, the potential of business will be cut in half or even less.
We’ll interpret and translate your business as if your business has been running for a long time already in Japan.

Our Works

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